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Custom Business Software Solutions

Custom Business Software Solutions

Our custom business software is specifically designed and written to fit the way your business works. It includes exactly what you need — and only what you need. There are no bells and whistles to distract or confuse people. Custom designed software means you don’t need to adapt the way you operate just to work within the confines of your business software.

If you’re like most people, it’s difficult to visualize and understand exactly what custom software systems are, and that’s because it’s different for everyone who uses it.

What Custom Business Software is NOT

It may help to know what it is it NOT. Custom software is not “off-the-shelf software.”

What is off-the-shelf software?

  • You can buy off-the-shelf packages in a store or online.
  • Software is installed on your PC, Mac, or server, or you (and lots of other people) may log into a website and use software that is already set up there.
  • Off-the-shelf packages accommodate the needs of many types of people or businesses.

Off-the-shelf packages include Microsoft Office, TurboTax, and many others.

Is Off-the-shelf Software Cheaper than Custom Software?

At the low end, off-the-shelf software may cost less than $50. At the high end, you may spend $1million dollars or more for packages such as SAP or Microsoft Dynamics.

Why is high-end software so expensive? To implement a high-end, complex, cross-departmental software package requires time and expertise. That means:

  • You’re paying for the software itself.
  • You pay an annual licensing and/or maintenance fee.
  • You pay for specialized consultants who get the software working and train your team to use it.

As a general rule, if the price of a high-end software package is $100,000, you can plan to spend a total of $250,000 by the time you pay for the consultants, too.

Custom Software is NOT off-the-shelf Software – so what is it?

So if custom enterprise management software is NOT an off-the-shelf package, that means:

  • You don’t buy custom software systems in a store or online.
  • It doesn’t come in a box.
  • It isn’t built to accommodate everybody’s needs.

Custom software solutions are designed and developed specifically for you and your unique business needs.

How do you get software designed specifically for you?

Building a custom software application is like building a home.

  • What do you need? Before you invest in a home, you think about what you need.  Do you need more space for entertaining, cooking, or sleeping? Less space to maintain? For your software package, you figure out how it will meet your business goals. Do you need immediate access to sales results? Tighter control of quality?   
  • What are you trying to improve or fix? You know why you’re investing in a new home. Is there a shortcoming you’re trying to address? For your custom software, you identify the problems it will fix. Are you running your business with uncontrolled and complex spreadsheets or a difficult–to-use legacy system? Is your team wasting hours on tedious, error-prone non-value added tasks like data entry?
  • How do you build it? Once you know what you need and why, you work with experts to produce a set of drawings and elevation illustrations so that your new home meets your expectations and building regulations. Builders don’t work from mental floor plans or verbal instructions. Designers of custom software systems shouldn’t do that either. Your system design document and requirements definition are your blueprints for your new custom-designed software.
  • Build it. Once you get your plans, you don’t go to your local building supply store, order what you need, and start building the house yourself. You work with an expert who has built homes in the past, someone who has learned the trade through training and experience. For your system, you want programmers who know what they’re doing to build your new business system. See a program for a one off small enterprise case study.

Still not sure if you need custom business software?

DragonPoint can work with you to identify your needs, clarify your improvement opportunities, and review your alternatives. Using our 25 years of experience providing custom software solutions for businesses, we can recommend services that best meet your needs.

Some possible solutions include:

  • Enhancing your current system.
  • Selecting off-the-shelf, packaged software.
  • Building a custom application.
  • Learn more here.

Software Development Standards and Methodology

The proven steps in the DragonPoint Software development methodology include:

  • Defining the system requirements
  • System design and architecture
  • Phased detailed design
  • Phased development of software
  • Iterative software testing
  • Customer testing and feedback for each phase
  • Beta end-to-end testing and feedback
  • Final changes, documentation, and training
  • Installation of final software
  • Ongoing support

DragonPoint Software is a Florida-based custom business software solutions company that helps businesses all over the world to improve their efficiency. Call 321-631-0657 today to schedule your free one-hour consultation. Let’s figure out together whether there’s an opportunity for you to meet your business goals with a better software solution.
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