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Building something complex and functional requires knowledge, planning, and experience.

Would you build a circular staircase by picking up a board and nails and starting to hammer? Of course not. You’d have a skilled architect create a plan. You’d spend time finding the right materials, and you’d trust the work only to a master builder. That staircase would meet your needs and be something you’re comfortable using.

Sales, production, shipping, quality control and invoicing
Client: formerly Hydro

Business challenge: Specialized manufacturing processes requiring high volumes of data to support quality standards

Solution highlights: Expanded and enhanced legacy custom applications to meet current business requirements.

Key benefit: Systems support the business process instead of forcing the business process to match packaged software

Tools: Visual Basic; Access; Visual FoxPro.

Production statistics tracking
Client: formerly Hydro

Business challenge: Quality control reporting could only be achieved by capturing and analyzing millions of records generated as products were being manufactured.

Solution highlights: .NET application records production statistics and creates useful business reports.

Key benefit: Useful information available to track quality control metrics.

Tools: C#, Visual Studio, and SQL Server

Order Entry, Inventory, Shipping, Invoicing, and Payment Management
Client: Kel-Tec

Business challenge: Streamline the business process by replacing legacy systems including Excel, FileMaker, and PHP.

Solution highlights: Complete automation and integration of the business processes into a centralized custom web application eliminated the legacy system’s redundant data entry and reduced data errors. A consistent presentation across screens reduces training and provides improved accessibility of information.

Key benefit: Reduced data entry by 60% by automating the generation of unique serial numbers, simplifying order entry, and integrating the shipping/invoicing process into the primary business application.

Tools: Microsoft C#, SQL Server, and SQL Reporting Services

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