Go Bus Rider – On board Ridership Data Collection
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Need accurate ridership counts?

Go Bus Ridership On-Board Data Collection system in use
  • Simple to use
  • Daily ridership counts by bus and routes
  • Track passengers by type; i.e. Regular, HalfFare, or ADA
  • Audio Stop announcements
  • Reporting for FTA and NTD Data Base requirements
  • Browser based administrative functions
  • Can track Employee DOT Physicals & Drivers License Expiration
  • Can track Employee census data; i.e. address, phone, email, etc.
  • Eliminates paper tallying
  • Cost effective
Android Mount - Gillig
Android mount for Gillig bus

GO Bus Rider is an extremely simple, accurate on-board ridership data collection system consisting of an Android tablet in a custom mounted on the bus. The mount has a locking mechanism to prevent the tablet from being stolen. The tablet operates a custom Android App allowing the tablet to display bus routes and for the operator to be able to simply enter the boarding count at each stop.