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Custom Software For Small Business

Custom Software For Small Business

Bob’s Burritos: A Small Business Custom Software Story

Let’s assume we’re hungry today and explore the fictional story of Bob from Bob’s Burritos.

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Bob owns a quickly-growing chain of burrito restaurants, but his skills are more culinary than business-based. Bob knows that he needs to maximize his profits while continuing to serve a high-quality product, but he’s not sure exactly how. He knows technology might be the answer, but isn’t sure how to put it to use.

Bob’s friend Steve is an app developer and tells Bob that he has the solution.

Steve offered up an infinite number of different programs to answer burrito-related questions. He could design an app that allowed a user to ask “Are burritos delicious?” and spit out an answer of “Yes!” every time the user pressed a button. He could design a coin flip-style program to allow a user to ask “Should I eat a burrito for lunch today?” He could also design a six-sided die app to tell a user how many burritos to buy for lunch. Bob considered these different options, but realized that they were all better for entertainment than they were for building his business.

That’s where Bob’s friend Sylvia stepped in. Sylvia was a Requirements Analyst for a local custom business software company and was confident she could help, but wasn’t sure exactly how.

Bob didn’t understand. “But isn’t it your job to know how to help me?”

Sylvia just laughed. “I’m not here to give you all the answers,” she said. “I’m here to work with you. We’ll talk about how your business works, figure out what your goals are, and develop a custom business software solution to meet your specific needs.”

“Sounds better than those apps,” Bob said.

Over the next week, Bob and Sylvia honed in on Bob’s Burrito’s main goal: providing customers with fresh ingredients in delicious burritos. In order to continue fulfilling his mission in a growing burrito restaurant empire, Bob needed to deliver the right ingredients, at the right time, to the right locations. Keeping costs down to maximize profit required knowing the correct amount of each ingredient to deliver. This would keep customers fed, full, and happy, while avoiding (literally) throwing Bob’s hard-earned money away in the form of spoiled meats and produce.

Working together, Bob and Sylvia developed a custom business software solution that would allow Bob’s Burritos to understand the unique needs of their customers at each of their locations. By leveraging the data his new system would collect, Bob would be able to develop a picture of his customers’ needs and efficiently direct resources to the right locations at the right times.

Software does many things well, but thinking critically is not one of them. A Requirements Analyst can help you ask the right questions in order to get the right answers.

Whether you’re building burritos or buildings, it’s important to develop a custom business software solution that meets your specific needs and helps your company grow. Flashy apps and marketing gimmicks are abundant in today’s market, but smart business managers understand the need to harness the power of their data to make better decisions.

If you’re ready to leverage your data to make the best decisions possible, contact DragonPoint, Inc. for a consultation today.

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