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Uncover the Truth About Software Services Vendors

Download our FREE guide to find out how you can be sure you’re choosingUncover the Truth About Software Services Vendors the right software services vendor – before you invest time and money in
a project! In this white paper you’ll find:

    • 3 questions your vendor should be asking YOU!
    • Parts of a software development project for which your vendor should be able to describe processes
    • 3 red flag behaviors that identify vendors to avoid
    • How to get a vendor to demonstrate competence before your project begins
    • 8 skill sets your software vendor’s team must have to successfully deliver small and large solutions
    • The question that’s the equivalent of a tough one we all ask employment candidates: what’s your greatest weakness?

If you’re a non-technical manager who wants to grill prospective software vendors with the same intensity with which you interview employment candidates, take 15 minutes to read this white paper! You’ll be well equipped with questions that uncover the truth behind the sales pitch.

You and your software services vendor may not be exchanging wedding vows, but you ARE making a long term commitment based on trust. Avoid surprises! Ask the right questions and be confident that you’re investing resources with a partner you’ll be happy to stick with for the long run.

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