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1 Person Can’t Wear 6 Hats

1 Person Can’t Wear 6 Hats in a Successful Software Project!

Why_1_person_cannot_perform_all_the_roles_in_a_custom_software_project_white_paper-BIGDownload our white paper on why one person can’t be an “Everyman” for a successful software project.  Get our thoughts on:

  • What are the steps in a successful software project?
  • What are the 6 major roles and skillsets necessary for a successful software project
  • How do we get a big project completed?
  • But I want to hire my own programmer.

If you have a software project you need to get done but aren’t sure if one person can do it or exactly what skill sets are required, get this white paper and discover some of the reasons why one person may not be exactly what you need to ensure you get your project completed as efficiently and accurately as possible.

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