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SQL Server Consulting Services

SQL Server Consulting Services


custom sql server consulting services companyYou worked closely with the designers to be sure your company’s custom database application would achieve your vision for your company.  You brought in your best employees to contribute ideas and learn the in’s and out’s of using the software.  You invested time, money, and resources, and you expected the solution to last for years – maybe forever.

Today, nobody questions whether to replace typewriters.  But it’s harder to decide whether you should replace or upgrade your custom business software.

sql reporting services consultanin firmHere are 10 questions to help you decide whether you should keep investing in your existing custom database application or whether you need a new one.  If you answer YES to at least 5 of the following questions, you can probably update your existing system and avoid a rewrite.

  1. Do you have the complete source code for your system?
  2. Does your system collect the right information and present it to you in a way that meets at least 80% of your business needs?
  3. Does your system reliably and consistently save your data?  (You don’t have problems with losing data.)
  4. Is your system a web application or available through a VPN or other remote connection when you’re outside the office?
  5. Is your system fast enough to meet your business needs?
  6. Can your software connect to another application that might be used to consolidate information from your existing system with new data?
  7. Is the software used to write your system (e.g. Microsoft C# or Visual Basic; PHP; Java, etc.) still being supported?
  8. Does the information you use to make business decisions come primarily from your system?  (It doesn’t come out of spreadsheets or small, departmental systems.)
  9. Can you add new products, services, or other key information without calling a programmer?
  10. Do you get information out of your system in a timely manner?  (You don’t have to wait weeks to get your month or year end reports.)

If you answered NO or I Don’t Know to 5 or more questions, you will benefit from speaking with one of our SQL Reporting Services consultants today.

It’s not easy to decide whether to create a new software application or to continue to maintain a legacy one, but ultimately your decision has to be made based on facts, with a focus on your long term goals for your business.

DragonPoint frequently assumes responsibility for SQL services applications written by others. We understand that software is an important business asset, and we work with you to get the most from your investment by stretching your system’s life and extending its capability by adding new functionality and enhancements.  Call 321-631-0657 for more information.