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Building something complex and functional requires knowledge, planning, and experience.

Would you build a circular staircase by picking up a board and nails and starting to hammer? Of course not. You’d have a skilled architect create a plan. You’d spend time finding the right materials, and you’d trust the work only to a master builder. That staircase would meet your needs and be something you’re comfortable using.

Telecommunications Billing Manager
Client: Harris Corporation

Business challenge: Manage the company’s telecom plans, usage, purchases, and departmental billing from multiple carriers. Electronic invoicing format varies by carrier.

Solution highlights: Import all carrier invoices into standard format for centralized management and dynamic reporting.

Key benefit: Cost savings achieved through ability to compare usage across all plans.

Tools: Access

Forecasting and Sales Management
Client: Harris Corporation

Business challenge: Paper-based sales model

Solution highlights: Custom automation of sales system specifically tailored to the business process

Key benefit: Improved tracking and reporting for leads and forecast data

Tools: Microsoft Visual FoxPro

Software/hardware requisition and invoicing system
Client: Harris Corporation

Business challenge: Manage the software and hardware purchases for the corporation

Solution highlights: Centralized procurement and invoicing

Key benefit: Cost savings through centralized procurement

Tools: Microsoft Visual FoxPro

Increment Tracking
Client: Center for Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS)

Business challenge: Extract information from a multi-tabbed Excel workbook into a database application with dynamically generated data entry screens, and at the end of a project, write the data back into the original spreadsheet.

Solution highlights: Each team member is assigned a unique login and password that allows access to the only authorized web pages and drop down list box entries. Automatically generates updated screens for each new spreadsheet.

Key benefit: Eliminates time consuming, manual creation of separate spreadsheets for each role and consolidation of multiple copies of the spreadsheets.

Tools: Microsoft C# and SQL Server

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