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Building something complex and functional requires knowledge, planning, and experience.

Would you build a circular staircase by picking up a board and nails and starting to hammer? Of course not. You’d have a skilled architect create a plan. You’d spend time finding the right materials, and you’d trust the work only to a master builder. That staircase would meet your needs and be something you’re comfortable using.

Punchdown List
Client: The Villages

Business challenge: Inspecting and communicating with subcontractors was manual, time consuming, and error prone, resulting in delays and mistakes reporting status of final construction tasks.

Solution highlights: Tablet PC application allows inspectors to enter tasks electronically as they walk through a house. When the PC has wireless coverage, all information is automatically sent to trades.

Key benefit: Significant reduction in the time it takes to inspect a house and schedule trades to fix problems.

Tools: Windows XP, C#, SQL Server

Inventory Application
Client: The Villages

Business challenge: Physical inventory in retail stores was laborious and error prone.

Solution highlights: PDA application allows scanning merchandise barcodes and recording item quantity. Data is synchronized with AS/400 used for POS.

Key benefit: Significant reductions in number of errors and time required for completing physical inventories.

Tools: WM5, C#, SQL Server

Recreation Application
Client: The Villages

Business challenge: Tracking use of numerous recreational facilities located throughout the community.

Solution highlights: PDA application allows scanning membership cards in any location. When connection is available, data on PDA is transferred to an AS/400 for reporting.

Key benefit: Accurate tracking of facilities use.

Tools: WM5, C#, SQLCE, SQL Server

Web Portal for Floor Plans and Elevations
Client: Mercedes Homes

Business challenge: Provide immediate online access to 100’s of floor plan and elevation drawings offered throughout the company

Solution highlights: Search functions allow easy selection of home plans that dynamically display in grids and data views.

Key benefit: Provides central access across the company all home plans available from the design department.

Tools: Asp.Net, SQL Server

Reporting Application
Client: Mercedes Homes

Business challenge: Key business reports required data stored in multiple applications and databases.

Solution highlights: Easy to use tabbed interface allows selection of report criteria and extraction of real time data from multiple systems.

Key benefit: Provides a gateway to information without the need to log into any of the source systems.

Tools: Microsoft VB.NET, Crystal Reports, and SQL Server

Purchasing Management
Client: Mercedes Homes

Business challenge: Management of the 1000’s of materials and services required to build a home

Solution highlights: Powerful grids and find functions provide dynamic, customizable views that make it easy to manage a high volume of information. Integration with Microsoft AX using web services for real-time data transfer between systems.

Key benefit: 30-50% reduction in time required to develop a takeoff

Tools: Microsoft C#, SQL Server, and SQL Reporting Services

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