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Building something complex and functional requires knowledge, planning, and experience.

Would you build a circular staircase by picking up a board and nails and starting to hammer? Of course not. You’d have a skilled architect create a plan. You’d spend time finding the right materials, and you’d trust the work only to a master builder. That staircase would meet your needs and be something you’re comfortable using.

Public Informational Website
Client: Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast

Business challenge: Provide easy access to and dynamic display of EDC information including investors (members), success stories, awards and news. Provide secure and easy to use access to and registration for EDC events.

Solution highlights: Integrated public website integrates with EPIC application, where information is maintained.

Key benefit: Simple centralized administration and maintenance of the website.

Tools: Asp.Net, SQL Server

Membership, Event, and Project Management
Client: Economic Development Commission of Florida’s Space Coast

Business challenge: Easy entry, display, and searching for high volume of information regarding EDC membership, events, projects, and newsletters.

Solution highlights: Multi-tabbed integrated modules collect, display and report information.

Key benefit: Reduced time due to easy of use for maintaining current information and making it available to the public website.

Tools: Microsoft VB.NET, Active Reports, SQL Server

Electronic sourcing of parts
Client: EDX Electronics

Business challenge: Many manual processes caused salespeople to spend too much time conducting online searches for parts while the customer waited on the phone.

Solution highlights: Desktop based client/server application searches internal databases and external web sources and immediately presents results in a simple grid.

Key benefit: 75% reduction of time required for sourcing parts.

Tools: ASP.NET, C#, Visual FoxPro, SQL Server

Web-to-Print Framework
Client: DME

Business challenge: Develop an enterprise level framework to deliver customized B2B and B2C storefronts.

Solution highlights: Automatically create new web stores and sub-stores, including back office (administrative) modules such as products, specials, and order fulfillment, and shopper pages, including anonymous and authenticated shopping, dynamic product search and navigation, and shopping cart.

Key benefit: Simple, centralized creation and management of high quality web storefronts and product sales.

Tools: DotNetNuke, Microsoft Visual Studio, C#, SQL Server, and SQL Reporting Services

Packing and Shipping System
Client: DME

Business challenge: Automate the packing and shipping process to decrease time required to ship an order while improving information accuracy.

Solution highlights: Scan unique order barcode to preview product, display SKU and product description, and identify any special order inserts or packing instructions. Integrate with the shipper’s software to automate production of the packing and shipping labels.

Key benefit: Streamlined process, improved quality of information, and infrastructure to support growth without adding personnel.

Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio, C#, SQL Server, and SQL Reporting Services

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