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DragonPoint’s Custom Agile Methodology

DragonPoint’s Custom Agile Methodology

At DragonPoint, we believe there are two primary keys to a successful software project:

  • Understanding the client’s business requirements and translating them into screens and functions. If we don’t understand what you need, we can’t deliver a product that will exceed your expectations.
  • Getting working code into our client’s hands as early in the project as possible, which allows us to build your preferences into subsequent modules (sprints or phases).

We strongly recommend an agile or phased approach because this helps us deliver a better system to you. We have learned that the more quickly we deliver working code, the sooner clients can identify changes and improvements that are built into the existing code and planned into the remaining phases or sprints. DragonPoint’s proven, systematic approach is shown below.

DragonPoint's Custom Agile Methodology Graphic
DragonPoint’s Custom Agile Methodology Graphic


Normally, our first step is to meet with all stakeholders to define the project’s vision, objectives, and high level requirements.

Sprint Planning

  • Define the sprint:  work that can be completed in 3-4 weeks (Note:  we find that 3-4 weeks produces a better work flow than a 2-week sprint)
  • Prepare UI wireframes or mockups, if necessary

Sprint/Daily Cycle

  • Daily short call or standup meeting with the development team, PM, and our client representative(s)
           ✓   What was completed yesterday?
           ✓  What will I do today?
           ✓  Are there any roadblocks?
  • Coding and daily check into Team Foundation Server
  • Unit testing and development of test plans

Testing/Complete work

  • Complete automated and manual testing:  iterative until all tests are successful
  • File defects
  • Correct defects
  • Release code

Review/Lessons Learned

  • Team review
  • Identify what worked and what didn’t
  • Define improvements and enhancements to incorporate into next sprint